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XM Alley (Ex-Military Alley) was founded as a free platform for crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns in late March 2019 by the XM Legal Network in San Diego, California.  We’re a few dedicated, contented souls, along with all kinds of motorcycle riders, pet owners, and old car enthusiasts.  For the sacrifices that veterans made to keep our country free, we highly respect them all (and their dreams) therefore we are here now.

Yes, we’ve all been there; addiction, anxiety, battling depression, loneliness, experiencing a personal loss that changed the course of our life, or financial issues sometimes.

Some of us have been blessed and made it through with the help of family and friends or activities. Some are still in need of support. 

We keep our focus on helping Motorcyclists, Veterans, Animal Lovers, and Old Cars Enthusiasts, here in the United States. 

XM Alley online fundraising is all about building smiles and relationships.

Here you will find the latest fundraising tips, strategies, success stories, useful links, and more.

As we have previously stated, this fundraising platform is specially tailored for veterans, animal and pet lovers, motorcyclists & old car enthusiasts only. See full terms here

We love our supporters and believe that recognition for good deeds and contributions to these efforts is important. As such, please be sure to let us know if you are donating “anonymously” or if we have your permission to add your name to the list of contributors and supporters of the XM Alley Page.

We value and respect your opinion, therefore, feel free to contact us for any possible reason or crazy idea.

Click on our blog to read the latest news and find out more about how we can help you and others,  and see the full list of events here

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