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  • Hey fellas, we are asking for your help in regard to an amazing mom, and close friend, Kimberly Johnson, from Winchester, California, (Temecula area) who has recently been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Thankfully, we have found a wonderful group of doctors that are able to help, and the survival rate of this cancer is one of the bright sides of this very unfortunate event.
  • With good doctors though, comes some pretty big medical bills.


  • Kim has been put on Wegovy to increase weight loss in a short period of time.



  • The weight loss is to help with recovery after the hysterectomy. Since dealing with cancer is already a tough ordeal, we think having a good recovery experience is something anyone deserves.
  • The issue though, is that even after insurance, a month’s supply is $700. This is a large price to pay prior to any type of surgery and we are sure would put anyone in an uneasy and uncertain state of mind.
  • With that said, Jamie, our close friend for more than 20 years, is one of the hardest working men we personally know, and he is the family’s main form of income, yet, was recently informed that he will be taking a 50% pay cut this year to add to the already unfortunate circumstances.
  • What went from something that seemed to be easy to handle, has now become a bit of a struggle for all. He has been working his butt off to support his family and something like a cancer diagnosis blindsided all of us, but especially him.
  • Our friend Kim is one of the sweetest women we have ever met and she deserves the world. Jamie, our close friend, is one of the strongest men we know and he is determined to do anything for his wife and his 5 kids.
  • Something like this happening to any family out there is terrifying and it opens up a lot of stress.
  • Your help (if you’re willing to help) would make Kim and Jamie’s situation less stressful and overall a smoother experience during such a tough time.
  • We would be extremely grateful for anything you’d be willing to donate and we thank you if you choose to do so.
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